We are very excited to announce this release from Tyler R. Wolfe

Scheduled to launch mid 2018, When Anxiety Attacks "Choosing Faith Over Fear" will be available wherever books are sold. The book has received endorsements from Jeanne Mayo, Pat Schatzline, Emily Epperson, Chuck Kountz (As seen on Discovery Channel's "Fat N' Furious", Ohio Ministry Network's Nate Ortiz & John Musgrave (Ohio Assemblies of God), Carrie Maurio (Valley Forge), Scott Schatzline, Christian Beadles and many more. 

The book’s purpose is to help people through the process of choosing faith over fear When and if Anxiety does Attack. How do you face anxiety and depression?  Especially as a person of faith, how do you navigate the gnawing, internal questions when God does not speedily give you the answers you plead to receive?  How do you tell yourself not to be “anxious over being anxious?”  How do you avoid not becoming more “depressed over being depressed?” These are some of the painful, harsh realities that Tyler tackles in this book.

When Anxiety Attacks is for those who are or already have had to face this battle that so many believers or non-believers know as a reality.

Tyler Wolfe is an associate pastor at Victory Christian Center in North East Ohio. He is a young leader on a mission to make his life count for a purpose greater than himself. 

We look forward to working together to promote this project in a way that adds value to your platform. With a clear and compelling goal to help those living with the harsh reality of anxiety.  Tyler can provide transformational insight and transparency for your audience.


Pastor Tyler Wolfe calls out to those who have experienced anxiety so deeply that they struggle to get their next breath.  Not everyone will experience depression so painfully that they can barely pull themselves out of bed in the morning.  How do you fight back when the pounding heart and “dark cloud over your head” refuse to go away?


“When Anxiety Attacks” is a gift of HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY from a leader who has made the “anxiety journey” himself.  Tyler Wolfe is so much more than just a “research guru” who has STUDIED anxiety.  He has LIVED it.

— Jeanne Mayo, Youth Leaders Coach, Atlanta Leadership College, Victory World Church.

"This book will refresh your soul and give you a new perspective on what it means to follow Jesus."


Youngstown, Ohio — The upcoming launch of Tyler Wolfe's release is already much anticipated! The book has received endorsements from influencers and leaders, including Jeanne Mayo (Youth Leaders Coach, Atlanta Leadership College, Victory World Church), Pat Schatzline (Founder of Remnant International, best-selling author of “Why is God so Mad a me”, “I AM REMNANT”, “UnQualified” and "Rebuilding the Altar"), Chuck Kountz ( As seen on Discovery Channels "Fat N Furious "Roaring Thunder"), Nate Ortiz ( Youth Director for the Ohio Ministry Network "AG") , John Musgrave ( Church Multiplication Director for the Ohio Ministry Network "AG"), Jaun Rivera (Campus Pastor of Victory Christian Center's Coitsville Campus), Jordan Marcon (Director of Atlanta Leadership College), Jon Humle (Student Pastor at Seacoast Church), Jason Gray (Superintendent of Trumbull Career & Technical Center) and many more.


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Tyler has an immeasurable love for Jesus Christ and a faith to match. He believes in the next generation of this nation and his passion for them has found the heart of God. He lives his life for Kingdom sake.
After writing his first book “You Were Made A Dreamer,” Tyler Wolfe went on to display his ability to see those dreams through to fruition. He is the founder of Tyler Wolfe Books Company, LLC, a publishing company for Christian writers. With the proceeds from “You Were Made A Dreamer” the Company has established the "You Were Made Dreamer" Scholarship Fund, to help other dreamers along their way.  He also serves as an energetic Pastor in Vienna, Ohio.